Advent 2016

Advent Begins November 27th
The word "Advent" means "coming."

It's a reminder that Christmas is coming!
It is also a reminder that God's Spirit given to us in Jesus, comes to us again and again.
We, like Mary & Joseph, need to say "yes" to making room for
God...which can be a challenge in our day to day hectic lives.

We've set out some materials that we hope can help you make room for God
in prayer, mind and/or deed.
+You can make prayer chains, to pray for a fellow parishioner each day.
+You can make a calendar with "Random Acts of Christian Kindness."  Choose acts that make the most sense for your family.  We have notes you can leave with those who receive your random acts, too.
+You can make a chain of different readings for Advent, and tear off one each day to read.
+You can make an Advent wreath: we have plenty of candle sets, and a few wreath forms and candle holders.
All of these things are in the Gathering Space.  

We will also be offering special weekly times of worship - Tuesday evenings at 7pm.