Youth Sunday and Parish Picnic Set for Sunday, June 10

St. David's youth will be playing major roles (including preaching) at the 10:15 service on Sunday, June 10. This will mark the end of the formal church school year and give us the opportunity to give thanks for the ministry of the children in the parish and the adults who work with them.

The service will be followed the parish picnic here at Saint David's.  Don't miss the good food, fellowship and fun!!  The parish will provide burgers and hot dogs.  Sign up sheets for side dishes and desserts are posted in the gathering space.

Sunday May 20th is Pentecost

Everyone is invited to wear red to church for the Feast of Pentecost this Sunday as we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples as tongues of fire and the continuing presence of the Spirit in the life of the Church and our individual lives.

Pentecost is a particularly great day for baptisms, and we will celebrate the baptisms of Travis Dylan and Scarlett Ziolko at the 10:15 service. Please be with us to join in welcoming the newly baptized into the fellowship of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Transition Team

The Transition Team met with our Diocesan Consultant, Diana Rogers, on Tuesday, April 10, to discuss our interview questions and procedures for communicating with potential Rector Candidates. We are refining our question set and will meet again on Saturday, April 21, to practice interview with a volunteer local priest.

If any parishioner would like The Team to pursue a particular priest for candidacy, please notify Pete Landolt if you haven't already done so. We can submit names of Episcopal priests or Lutheran pastors to the Diocese for vetting by the Diocesan Transition Ministry and the Bishop. We need to submit any names of potential candidates to the Diocese within the next few weeks, so now is the time for action if you have a recommendations.