Good Friday

Children, youth, and their families are especially invited to attend a "Family-Oriented Child-Centered Service," with Lunch and a movie at St. James' Poquetanuck, 95 Route 2A, Preston.   Worship will begin at noon, followed by lunch and the movie Zootopia.  
Please RSVP by calling 860-889-0150.


At Noon at St. David's, the simple prayer book liturgy for the day will be observed.  

Maundy Thursday, 6pm

Over a simple supper, we will remember the Passover Meal that Jesus shared with his disciples, the night before his crucifixion.  We'll share in communion and in the opportunity to wash each other's feet in the Parish Hall.  

Following the foot-washing, we will process to the Sanctuary and Nave for the stripping of the Altar.  

The reserved Sacrament will be placed at an Altar of repose for any who want to keep vigil with Jesus through the night.  

Opportunities for Christian Meditation

More and more Christians are trying out and benefiting from the daily practice of Christian meditation sometimes called Centering Prayer.

We practice this as a group experience at St. David's two times a month.  In addition there are weekly meditation meetings Wednesday nights 7pm in the chapel on Enders Island in Mystic and Monday nights 5:15 pm in Harkness Chapel at Conn College in New London.  Christian Meditation is simply silent meditation in which we are entirely present to God. 

In the vestibule of our church I have placed book mark style cards printed by the World Community for Christian Meditation.  On the card you will find the goal of meditation and some suggestions on how to meditate.  Feel free to take the book mark for your personal information. If you have any questions please contact me. Maren Schober,

New London Coalition for Refugee Resettlement

I.R.I.S. (Integrated refugee and immigrant Services) has helped Start Fresh settle two refugee families and begin planning for a third!

In the process,  eight committees have been formed to help the families make their new homes in Southeastern Connecticut. The committees are Housing, Employment, Clothing and Household Goods, Finances, English as a Second Language and Education, Health, Acculturation and Hospitality and Transportation. The local group has added a Social Work Committee to this list. Jaye Lyon has volunteered for this committee and Hilda Zeigler has volunteered for the Health Committee.

Are you called to do this work? Do you have skills that would a benefit to one of these committees? Pray about it and contact Hilda or Valerie Norris about following God's call to you to resettle refugees.

Donations to Homeward Bound Treasures

Remember Homeward Bound Treasures is the thrift store for The Homeless Hospitality Center in New London. Donations are tax deductible and you will also be helping your homeless neighbors. For your larger items you can call the store to arrange for a pick up. Homebound Treasures is located at 35 Golden St., New London, CT  06320 and their phone number is 860.444.8800. HAPPY CLEANING!

Outreach Team Continues the Tradition of Supporting God's Work

Many of the relationships St. David's has built over the years started as a way to support a parishioner's baptized ministry.  Before we started pooling our money and deciding where it went together, many fund raising events were held by individuals and small groups who had a call to care for a specific need in the  community.

The Outreach Team continued the tradition of supporting God's work done by members of St. David's. The Groton Regency Worship Team, which offers worship to residents on the 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the month, was formed originally because we had three members of the parish there. Since they could not come here, we took a service there and other residents at that facility were invited to join us.

Part of the three tiered plan for God's Mission done by the people at St. David's is to share what we do to serve God during the week, to celebrate that work and to commission that work in Christ's name. We will pray for Hilda and anyone that decides to join her and the work of the Homeless Hospitality Center on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

Holy Week

Plan now to be a part of several wonderful opportunities for worship:

March 20th:  Sunday of the Passion:  Palm Sunday,  8am and 10:15am
March 21st:  Evening Prayer at 7pm
March 22nd: Evening Prayer at 7pm.
March 23rd:  Service of Reconciliation and Renewal at 7pm

There there is the TRIDUUM!   Three days that are interconnected and offer to us the promise that God brings new life into this world as we die to ourselves and serve others in the name of Jesus. 
March 24th:  Maundy (Commandment) 7pm:  foot washing, and sharing a last supper with Jesus and each other before his struggle in the garden of Gethsemane.
March 25th:  Good Friday at noon - 1pm:   We hear again of Jesus' trial and crucifixion.  As we remember his suffering, we pray for the suffering of the world.  This simple service will include prayers, hymns, and the reading of the Passion According to St. John.

 Good Friday at 7pm:  Prayers, Hymns, and Anthems in the Shadow of the Cross.  
The Choir and JuBELLee handbells will add to our hymns and prayers as we hold before God the needs the world, and wait for the promise of new life.    

Easter Day: 
Great Vigil of Easter at 5:30am -- join those early Christians who, remembering God's faithfulness in ages past, were ready to greet the day of Jesus' resurrection.  Hymns, Communion, Renewal of Baptismal Vows.
Easter Day at 8am and 10:15am -- worship will include Trumpet, Choirs, Handbells in addition to Holy communion; an Easter Egg hunt for children follows after worship at 10:15am