All men of the parish, and any of their guests, are invited to join us each Wednesday morning at  8:00 AM in the Library at St. David’s for a Men’s Discussion Group. (Duration about one hour). A short prayer service is followed by a time of invaluable sharing and discussion of current topics of interest including, parish activities, politics, violence, poverty, health,  outreach, technology, etc. We attempt to examine and process the spiritual aspect of these issues and what they mean to each of us. Coffee is available and “doughnuts” are provided by attendees, on a rotating basis.

Attendance varies from anywhere from five to ten men. Anyone can present his perspective as he desires.  Everyone is invited to attend; and please do join us, as we welcome fresh insight and different viewpoint.


Early riser!! Those of us who come to St. David's Women's Group
on Tuesday mornings have become early risers and find our
sessions empowering and worth while!   From 7:00 to 8:00 AM we follow with a discussion:

• On the 1st and third Tuesday of the month we begin with a
short service, breakfast (provided by attendees on a rotating basis) and discuss the current book that we have selected for reading.

Our discussions and books are based on faith and since we have
many differing perspectives, it is a lively beginning to your day.
Please join us (and bring a friend) and see for yourself!


The Worship Team aids the Rector in the planning of future services and worship related events by offering lay insight and recommendations to various aspects of the service. The Worship Team is comprised of representatives of the Lay Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Acolytes, Altar Guild, Flower Guild, and each music program. All parishioners are invited to attend the monthly meetings and share their thoughts and perspectives.


The parish congregation is led by the Clergy and the Vestry.  The Clergy (our Rector) is the leader of our worship and all liturgical elements of the parish.  The Vestry is the governing body that carries out the business of the parish as well as leads the congregation towards both its mission goals and the vision actions that will help us get there.

The Vestry is chartered to carry out some important responsibilities:     

  • Discern the mission toward which God is directing our community, and articulate our mission and supporting vision statements to the congregation;
  • Carry out the financial and business operations of the parish to reflect our mission goals; and                    
  • Support the Clergy and the programs of the parish in a manner that invites congregation participation in our Christian life together.

Learn More About the Vestry Here

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
— Genesis 1:1

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