Saint David’s is a Broad Church following the Episcopal traditions of the Book of Common Prayer. We seek an empathetic Rector who will guide us in the respective spiritual journeys of our parishioners and others in the community. We are a church that prizes our outreach, as reflected in the programs that we support, and we seek a Rector who echoes these sentiments.

Typical of many Christian communities, we are a graying church that seeks to reinvigorate itself through strong Christian Formation programs for both youth and adult as well as a strong music program that complements our worship. These programs are well-established and we are casting for a Rector who will support them.

Our new Rector will be an inclusive individual who will guide us, following the lead of the Holy Spirit. Knowing who we are and what we need, we recognize that some change along the way may be vital to the future of our worshiping community. We welcome the future steps in our journey. You are invited to tune into the rest of our website and parish profile, and if Saint David’s sounds like a parish on your frequency, our Transition Team welcomes a dialogue about your needs and aspirations.