This is the job description for the position of parish coordinator/secretary for St. David’s Episcopal Church in Gales Ferry, CT.  This document includes information regarding the following areas:  qualifications, accountability, salary and benefits, evaluation, staff relationships, duties and employment agreement.


  1. Enjoys working with people.  
  2. Since your voice is the first impression of St. David’s either by phone or answering the door, your duty is to be professional, pleasant and to gather all pertinent information that can be passed on to appropriate parties or dealt with in a calm, courteous manner.
  3. Possess a compassionate and healing personal vision of Jesus’ ministry and how it can be embodied in Parish life.
  4. An ability to work collaboratively with all St. David’s staff, officers, committee heads and the Rector/Priest in Charge.
  5. Understand the importance of confidentiality of church records and conversations.


  1.  Have computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office products.
  2.  Have minimum of a high school degree.
  3.  Have some secretarial/office experience.
  4.  Have typing and keyboarding skills


The parish coordinator for St. David’s Episcopal Church Gales Ferry CT. will be directly accountable to the Rector/Priest in Charge or to the Wardens in lieu of absence of the Rector/Priest in Charge.


The salary offered will be established in keeping with the social teachings of the Church with regard to just compensation for human work.  The salary for this position is commiserate with experience plus the customary benefits, such as paid time off.


The Church Office hours are approximately 9:15 to 2:15.  The Church Office is closed for all major holidays.  Vacations are granted based on parish policy.  An Employment Agreement shall be established and shall be a written agreement.  This employment agreement shall remain in place for a one-year period and shall be reviewed and/or renewed annually.  This Employment Agreement shall follow the guidelines established by the Episcopal Church of Connecticut (ECCT).


There shall be a formal conference annually with the Rector/Priest in Charge or with his/her designee for the purpose of evaluation of this position.


The parish coordinator will work collaboratively with all St. David’s staff, officers, vestry, committee heads and the Rector/Priest in Charge.


  1. Work directly for the Rector/Priest in Charge, Senior Warden, and assist the Treasurer.
  2. Communicate urgent pastoral needs to the Rector/Priest in Charge, Wardens, and/or other parish leaders as appropriate.
  3. Communicate with the Junior Warden of issues of repair, maintenance, and inspections.
  4. Phone and office receptionist
  5. Maintain the master calendar of events, both in hard copy and on-line for the bulletin board.
  6. Prepare and print service bulletins and inserts as needed
  7. Post and distribute the weekly E-Pistle, including announcements, church calendar, ministry leaders, and notices.
  8. Prepare and print the Children’s bulletin.
  9. Prepare intercessions (ECCT) cycle of prayer including birthdays, anniversaries, and illnesses, deaths, and topical if needed.  Place copies of the 8 and 10:15 service in the sacristy with the intercessors name on top.
  10. Prepare weekly birthday and anniversary remembrances for the Rector to sign.
  11.  Work with the Treasurer on any financial matters as needed.
  12. Maintain and produce schedules as necessary for the lay readers, LEMs, sanctuary light, flower guild, acolyte, altar guild, ushers, and service attendance sheet for the sacristy.
  13. Create forms and flyers for events as needed.
  14. Maintain operational forms such as accident reports, use of the building, etc.
  15. Communicate announcements to the community and EECT as needed.
  16. Sort and direct incoming and outgoing mail, e-mail and faxes
  17. Maintain the key box and a current list of all key holders and provide keys to personnel as needed.
  18. Maintain a current list of any parish member who is borrowing church property, i.e. table, chairs, wheelchairs, etc.
  19. Purchase office supplies, postage, cleaning supplies, parish life supplies,
  20. Prepare the Annual Report by being responsible for setting deadlines for acquiring reports from the ministries, processing the information received, editing, formatting, proofreading, and assembly of reports.
  21. Assist the Treasurer in preparing the annual Parochial report.
  22. Maintain the prayer list.
  23. Assist parishioners in any way possible.
  24. Maintain all files and records for the parish and its employees.
  25. Work with the Rector/Priest in Charge to schedule baptisms, weddings, and funerals.
  26. Assist with the arrangement of the organist and acolytes for funerals and weddings.
  27. Record, update, and maintain parishioner records
  28. Assist the Rector/priest in Charge to schedule pre-baptism/pre-wedding classes.
  29. Prepare baptism and wedding certificates.
  30. Maintain a lost and found.
  31. Provide clerical support to the vestry by working with the officers to produce monthly agenda, minutes, and meeting reports.  Make these available to the parish members.
  32. Meet as requested with the Rector/Priest in Charge, other staff, and/or the Wardens in the absence of the Rector.


To apply please send cover letter and resume to