This sub-page contains documentation covering activities of the Transition Team during the phases of our transition process. The articles are presented in reverse chronological order, from most recent, back to formation of the Team. As a general practice, Transition announcements were made at Sunday Services each week and also published in the Saint David’s digital Newsletter (The E-Pistle) at least every other week. The purpose of the announcements was to keep the worshiping community aware of transition progress being made.

21 April 2018:  On Saturday, April 21st, , six members of the Transition Team participated in a Skype communication (for practice and learning) with Rev. Adam Thomas, from St. Marks, Mystic. Adam provided "simulated candidate's answers" to the ten interview questions that we have developed, which are based upon our parish questionnaire and focus group meetings. Generally he gave us a positive up-check on the questions, stating that several of them were excellent.

Adam had previewed the questions and - as we practiced through each - he provided some feedback specifics on wording and intention. This exercise was a valuable insight to aid us in tweaking the questions for clarity and interpretation.

During the next few weeks we will edit and finalize the questions in preparation for the initial Skype interviews that we hope will commence soon after June 5th, when the Diocesan Transition Ministry will provide us the list of candidates. Unfortunately, the Diocesan policy is to give us the entire list of candidates at one time; thus eliminating the possibility to accomplish any preliminary research on candidates during May when we have little else to do. This, of course, will force us to cram our research on candidates into the first part of June. The objective of the Skype interviews is to prepare for, schedule and complete all of them in a very few number of days.


4 April 2018:  On Monday, 2 April, Members of the transition Team reviewed and compiled changes to our Diocesan Deliverables, based on suggestions from the meeting with Bishop Ahrens. These changes were incorporated into the formal deliverable package and forwarded to the Transition Ministry (Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann) today. This means that Saint David's will be up on line in Transition Recruitment mode as soon as the Diocese uploads them.


27 March 2018: Eight members of the transition Team met with Bishop Laura Ahrens and Rev. Lee Ann Tolzmann (Canon for transition Ministry) as a follow-up to our Transition Phase II (Discernment)Our diocesan consultant, Rev. Diana Rogers, also participated. We reviewed and discussed our Phase II deliverables and the status of Saint David’s parish.

The Transition team will make some suggested edits to the delivered Diocesan Form Portfolios  before they are posted on line for public view. This editing will be completed during the first week of April. Canon Tolzmann will meet with the Transition Team on June 5th to present names of candidates for recruitment and interviewing.

Bishop Laura and Canon Tolzmann stated that out website is one of the best they have seen for churches in transition.


8 March 2018: The five deliverables for Transition Phase II were transmitted electronically to The Rev. Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann in accordance with the Diocesan Transition directions. The deliverables included:

  1. Parish survey/focus groups data gather analysis [two document files];
  2. Updated parish website (architecture, content and design) [link to website];
  3. Parish Profile (web content in an easy to download format) [link to website page];
  4. Office for Transition Ministry Portfolio (OTM) [one document file];
  5. Transition Ministry Conference Portfolio (TMC) [one document file].

These documents are delivered preliminary to meeting with Bishop Ahrens for conclusion of Phase II (Discernment) and initiation of Phase III (Recruitment).


7 March 2018: The Saint David's revised and updated website was activated on-line for critical review and comment by the Transition Team and selected members of the parish. Additional corrections and updates will be incorporated in near-real time.


4 March 2018: The Transition Team met to discuss the upcoming meeting with Bishop Laura on March 13, including logistic, deliverables, discussion points, and status of the website (particularly the Rector Search page for our “Transition Mode”). Discussions were also held about potential priest candidates, in preparation for embarking on Phase III: Recruitment, interviewing and calling.


20 February 2018: The two Diocesan deliverable forms (Office of transition Ministry {OTM} Ministry Portfolio, and Transition Ministry Conference {TMC} Parish Profile Information) were completed, reviewed and verified ready for delivery.


20 February 2018: Notifications were emailed to Team members and Vestry members regarding completion items for the website.


1 to 15 February 2018: Transition Team members and Vestry members worked on the deliverable products for the Diocese, which are required prior to our meeting with Bishop Laura. The Bishop meeting was set by the Diocese to be held on 13 March 2018.


30 January 2018: Copies of the Transition Team Discernment Presentation were sent electronically to all registered members of the parish who did not attend the event on 28 January. A few copies were mailed by USPS to individuals who do not have email.


28 January 2018: The Sunday activities included one parish service of Eucharist at 9:00 AM, followed by an all parish brunch and the parish annual meeting. At the conclusion of the annual meeting the Transition Team presented the findings resulting from the parish questionnaires and focus group discussions that were held in November and December. Five members of the Transition Team presented material on the findings. A spirited question and answer period followed the presentation. An ovation from the congregation expressed thanks to the Team for its diligent efforts in the Discernment phase of our transition process.


26 January 2018: The Discernment presentation was printed for distribution to the parish at the annual meeting on 28 January.


23 to 25 January 2018: The Discernment presentation to the parish was written, reviewed and edited.


16 to 22 January 2018: Discernment results from the data analysis were correlated. Members of the Transition Team wrote or reviewed draft material for presentation to the parish, which was scheduled for Annual Meeting Sunday, 28 January 2018.


08 & 09 & 16 January 2018: All data from all questionnaires were verified as entered on the spreadsheet by members of the Transition Team, including discussion comments submitted by parishioners. The database is certified valid. Discussions were held among Transition Team to determine discernment results. Our Diocesan Consultant, Diana Rogers, sat with us on the 16 January meeting, and she was pleased with our work effort and our discernment conclusions. We requested the establishment of a meeting schedule with Bishop Laura, with a goal of mid-February, at which time we would have our deliverable package ready for the Diocese.


05 January2018: Meeting was held between Transition Chairman, Clerk, and one other parish volunteer to discuss textual answers to the questionnaires. All of the textual content would be collected and categorized as input to the data analysis.


01 January 2018: All the questionnaire data were entered into a spreadsheet database for analysis. Seventeen questionnaires were submitted anonymously (which was a given choice). Transition Team Chairman verified that all seventeen anonymous questionnaires were unique.


17 December 2017: Completed the sixth and last focus group meeting. The transition team will now begin to analyze the data from these discussions and the completed questionnaires. Parishioners were given until December 31st to complete questionnaires.


19 November 2017: Discussions were held with Senior Warden regarding assignment of Vestry members as facilitators for the six focus group meetings. Assignments were made and each focus group would have two facilitators: one Vestry member and One Transition Team member.

The focus groups are scheduled as follows:

Monday, November 20, 7:00 PM (Families Support)
Tuesday, November 28, 7:00 PM (Music)
Thursday, November 30, 7:00 PM (Education)
Wednesday, December 6, 7:00 PM (Program Support)
Saturday, December 9, 10:00 AM (Worship)
Sunday, December 17, 11:30 AM (Others)


12 November 2017: Our Team Chaplain developed special team prayers to be used in the Focus group meetings and in discussions for Discernment analysis.


09 November 2017: The questionnaire was developed, reviewed and approved by the Team members and published for parishioners to pick up at Sunday church. They were also made available online for download by any member of the congregation. Announcements were made for the congregation to complete the questionnaire before participating in a focus group meeting.


02 November 2017:  After discussing scheduling with the Interim Rector and Senior Warden, the focus group meetings were scheduled:

·       Monday, Nov 20 at 7:00 PM – Families Support Group

·       Tuesday, Nov 28 at 7:00 PM – Music group

·       Thursday, Nov 30 at 7:00 PM – Education Group

·       Wednesday, Dec 06 at 7:00 PM – Program Support Group

·       Saturday, Dec 09 at 10:00 AM – Worship Group

·       Sunday, Dec 17 at 11:30 AM – Others Group

            We generated sign-up sheets for the groups to be completed by parishioners at church or via call-in to the Transition Chairman or the Church Office. Transition Team members worked on developing the questionnaire.


28 October 2017:  Six Focus Groups were determined as follows: Worship; Families; Education; Music; Program Support; and Others. It was decided that the groups would meet on various days of the week in November and December.  Also the team chose the five question areas for building the questionnaire: Liturgical Style; Pastoral Care; Preparing for the Future; Acceptance of Change; and Leadership Requirements.


26 October 2017: The Team took on action items for identifying the sub-teams for Discernment, Call-Recruitment, Prayer, and Hospitalty.


15 October 2017: The Transition Team was commissioned by our Interim Rector and Senior Warden at the 10:15 service at Saint David’s church. Saint David’s Transition Prayer, as published on the front of our Sunday Bulletin, was recited by the congregation. It was announced that this practice would be followed at Sunday services throughout the transition period. During the following week The Transition Team discussed and chose a combination model for our discernment, which melded together a questionnaire and focus groups for open discussion.


14 October 2017: The Transition Team, having met with Diana Rogers, our Diocesan Consultant, entered discussion regarding which model we would use for our discernment process to build the current profile of the parish.


Mid-August 2017: Selection and recruitment of the Transition Team was completed by the Senior Warden and Vestry members. The Team is ready to commence work.