The parish congregation is led by the Clergy and the Vestry.  The Clergy (our Priest-in-Charge) is the leader of our worship and all liturgical elements of the parish.  The Vestry is the governing body that carries out the business of the parish as well as leads the congregation towards both its mission goals and the vision actions that will help us get there.

The Vestry is chartered to carry out some important responsibilities:     

  • Discern the mission toward which God is directing our community, and articulate our mission and supporting vision statements to the congregation;
  • Carry out the financial and business operations of the parish to reflect our mission goals; and                    
  • Support the Clergy and the programs of the parish in a manner that invites congregation participation in our Christian life together.

The Vestry is led by the Priest-in-Charge, who chairs the Vestry meetings.  At Saint David’s, our By-Laws specify the make-up of the Vestry to include four Vestry Officers and nine Vestry Members.  

Vestry Members


  • Senior Warden - Ken Nogacek
  • Junior Warden - Kirk Kirkpatrick
  • Clerk - Chris Curcio
  • Treasurer - Steve Forbes



  • Linda DIerman
  • Craig Gilbert
  • Jill Foster



  • Mary Carey
  • Scott Stadnicki
  • Anna Mae Burr


  • Meghan Kotecki
  • Ed Fialkosky

Youth Rep

  • Marie Dierman

Diocesan Delegates

  • Mary Carey (2019)
  • Pat Anderson (2020)


  • Jill Foster (2019)




The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
— Psalm 23:1