More than twenty men and women have volunteered to act as Lay Readers at the Sunday morning services.  They read Scripture, lead the Psalm and offer the Prayers of the People.  With the current number they would participate once every five or six weeks.  Training sessions are held on an as needed basis to improve their deliveries.



The Diocese licenses a number of persons in each Parish to serve as Ministers of Communion (Chalice Bearers) and Lay Eucharistic Ministers (Visitors).  The Chalice Bearers serve at the Sunday services on average once a month, administering the Chalice at Communion as well as serving at special feast days, funerals and weddings.  Lay Eucharistic Ministers are allowed to distribute previously consecrated elements to persons in hospitals, nursing homes and at homes of those unable to attend services at Saint David’s.  This is a truly rewarding ministry for those able to serve in this capacity and is greatly appreciated by those receiving both Communion and a visit.


Saint David’s is fortunate to have many wonderful church members who volunteer their time to serve as acolytes.  The acolyte’s duties include:

  • Lighting and extinguishing altar candles
  • Leading the choir procession and the Gospel procession
  • Accepting parish offerings from the ushers
  • Assisting the clergy in preparation for celebrating the Eucharist

We are always looking for new volunteers who would like to be part of this important ministry.  Any person in grade five or above can train to be an acolyte.


Preparing the table for the most nourishing meal in our parish life that is one of the roles of the altar guild.  Each week a group of volunteers see to the behind the scenes preparations for the Sunday Eucharist services linens, silver, candles, dusting and polishing and yes, clean up afterwards.  Of course there is also prepare for other services including weddings, baptisms and funerals.  It is the role of the Altar Guild to ensure that the services go smoothly and that our lovely sanctuary looks its best.


We are blessed at St. David's to have a prayer ministry called the St. David's prayer chain.  We are a phone chain which takes prayer requests as they come in to us.  We pass the prayer request through the chain and pray immediately for that request.  In addition we pray for that request each day as long as needed.  The prayer list is updated every three months.  Do you have a friend and loved one who needs prayer?  Do you need prayer for yourself?  This is the time to call the prayer chain.  We thank God for his answers to our prayers and He is very faithful!  We also need church members to pass the request through the prayer chain. 

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The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.
— Proverbs 18:10