To know Christ and make Him known.

St. David’s is a warm and caring parish, welcoming diversity in age, gender, race and background. We nurture the development of our children and youth, and we serve the people of southeastern Connecticut.

We are a parish of all ages and stages of Christian development, traveling together on a spiritual journey.  We offer many opportunities to foster a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to share that knowledge and love with all people.

We are an inclusive congregation in the mainstream of Episcopal tradition. Our Christ-centered faith is reflected in inspirational liturgy, sacramental events, prayer and joyful music. We have a firm commitment to provide Christian education and growth opportunities for all.

Outreach is vital to our parish. We proclaim our faith through deeds of love by the generous commitment of our time, energy, gifts, prayer and financial support to make Christ known within our church, community, country and the world, as  we become the people God has called us to be.

Vision Statements and Goals

Love Unconditionally- Just as Jesus did, without care about your background or who you were or where you came from. He loved you no matter what your circumstances. We at Saint David's try to follow Jesus in his teachings about loving unconditionally and will welcome you with open arms into Jesus's home and our worship community.

Serve Faithfully- We give of our time and talents. We give them as God has given to us. We hope to set an example to serve faithfully not only in our worship community but as well in the local, state, national and worldwide communities.

 Grow Spiritually- We hope that each year sees us growing spiritually as we offer an abundance of opportunities for our adults, youth and children. We hope we can see the Spirit grow roots and blossom as a tree does, providing that foundation for strong belief in God and the glory of the risen Christ. We pray that we show this in our community as well.



Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
— Proverbs 3:5