Outreach is vital to our parish. Saint David’s is a parish that cares, and we heed God’s call to care for those whom God brings to us as well as those in the wide world.  In both our Mission Statement and actions we proclaim our faith through deeds of love by commitment of time, energy, gifts, prayer and financial support to make Christ known within our church, community, country and the world. We strive to become the people God has called us to be in several different ways.

Financial Donations

In response to our mission of caring, in 2009 we raised funds through a capital campaign to expand our facilities, creating much needed space for classrooms and music, as well as modernizing and expanding our kitchen to Commercial Grade. These improvements have enabled Saint David’s to use our facilities to better serve God’s people; both our parish worship community and the local community outside of Saint David’s.

We typically donate approximately five percent of our total operating income to outreach opportunities. Some of the agencies and organizations that we support in ongoing  relationships are: the village of Decide in Haiti; New Life Ministry of SECT, a prison ministry here in Connecticut; Start Fresh, a refugee resettlement organization in New London; and the Homeless Hospitality Center of New London.  As well as financial assistance, we also support these agencies in prayer.

Giving Trees

We use "giving trees" two times each year to collect material goods from our generous parishioners to benefit several local agencies.  Some of the items collected are food gift cards for refugee families and clothing for the homeless, and Christmas gifts to support the St Vincent de Paul Place Christmas party.

Community Service Opportunities

On the last Tuesday of every month we provide and serve dinner at the New London Community Meal Center.

Once each month we provide snacks for the residents of the New London Homeless Hospitality Center, filling snack bags with fresh fruit, cookies and sandwiches made fresh in our kitchen by our parishioners.

On the second and third Sundays of each month we lead worship services at Groton Regency, a local nursing home.

We host an annual Christmas party at Norwich’s St. Vincent de Paul Place, for the children whose parents use the food pantry. Our parishioners fulfill an extensive list of toy and clothing wishes of the children.

Each year for more than two decades we have hosted our Christmas Feast, to which all people in the New London area are invited. We provide transportation to and from the church and offer Christmas meals on wheels to those who are housebound. We also collect coats, warm clothing and toys for anyone in need of them. In recent yearly feasts we have prepared, served and/or delivered over 1,200 meals on a Christmas day.

In 2017, Saint David’s applied for, and received, a grant from the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut’s Sustainable Development Fund, to partner with Start Fresh, a local chapter of IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, a non-profit organization). The purpose of the grant is to provide an avenue for refugees in our local area to achieve sustainable income for their families by leveraging the considerable food skills they already have. Once each month, delicious Middle Eastern meals are prepared in our kitchen by the women in these families and served in a full restaurant atmosphere in our parish hall. The meals are so popular that reservations are required and hard to come by. This allows the refugee families to garner a regular revenue stream. And it encourages gender equality while providing productive employment.

Parishioner Outreach

Once a year we hold the African Team Ministries Craft & Jewelry Sale, with proceeds returning to the African villages where the goods are made.

Our Good Friday Offering is donated to the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

We participate in the local CROP Walk.

Parishioners also provide Pastoral Care for Saint David’s community; such as rides for the injured and non-ambulatory, meals on wheels for the homebound, home visits to the sick, and hospital visits to in-patients.

Youth Outreach

The youth of our church support a variety of good causes, like the Children’s Sabbath project, Easter Egg stuffing for the TVCCA Shelter, Souper Bowl Sunday collection, and more.

Jesus said, whoever welcomes you, welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me, welcomes the God who sent me.
— Matthew 10:40