The parish congregation is led by the Clergy and the Vestry.  The Rector is the leader of our worship and all liturgical elements of the parish.  The Vestry is the governing body that carries out the business of the parish as well as leads the congregation towards both its mission goals and the vision actions that will help us get there.

The Vestry is chartered to carry out some important responsibilities:     

  • Discern the mission toward which God is directing our community, and articulate our mission and supporting vision statements to the congregation;

  • Carry out the financial and business operations of the parish to reflect our mission goals; and

  • Support the Clergy and the programs of the parish in a manner that invites congregation participation in our Christian life together.

The Vestry is led by the Rector, who chairs the Vestry meetings.  At Saint David’s, our By-Laws specify the make-up of the Vestry to include four Vestry Officers and nine Vestry Members. 

Vestry Members

All things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose
— Romans 8:28



Ken Nogacek, Senior Warden
Saint David’s Parishioner for 21 years.
Married with 2 daughters. Dentist in Waterford, CT. Sr. Warden for past 4 years; served as Jr Warden for 3 years


Edward Fialkosky, Junior Warden
Member of Saint David's in since 2008. Married, long standing member, Patricia Bowden in May 2009. Activities included, finance, facilities improvement, grounds upgrade and beautification, fund raising, fellowship, Men's Group, and Altar Guild.


Chris Curcio, Clerk
Saint David’s Parishioner for 16 years.
Altar Guild; Choir Member; Sunday School Teacher for Rising UP Class.


Steve Forbes, Treasurer
Saint David’s Parishioner for 25 years.
Married for 50 years, 2 children, 4 grandchildren. Retired Air Force officer.  Business Manager for 6 local school districts. Term as Senior Warden; Treasurer for more than 20 years. Involved with local refugee resettlement, Start Fresh, and local Homeless shelter.



  • Linda Dierman

  • Craig Gilbert

  • Jill Foster

  • Mary Carey

  • Scott Stadnicki

  • Anna Mae Burr

  • Meghan Kotecki

  • Kirk Kirkpatrick

  • Pat Anderson

  • Teri Hochdorfer

Diocesan Delegates

  • Jill Foster


  • Ken Nogacek

Serve Group

We are excited to announce that the Vestry’s SERVE Team is assuming the mission of the former Outreach Committee, effective immediately.  The Team is comprised of Pat Anderson, Anna Mae Burr, Steve Forbes, Craig Gilbert and Scott Stadnicki.  We will be following in the awesome footsteps of Sandi Brown and Deacon Ellen Adams.

 At the close of every service at St Davids, we are exhorted to “Go forth to love and serve the Lord …” It is a call to which we have responded generously as individuals, and as a parish, as an expression of our Christian witness, e.g.  Christmas Feast, Community meal site, Homeless Hospitality Center and the Haitian Health Foundation.  St. Davids has supported Start Fresh in welcoming and supporting refugee families resettle in the area.

As the committee did, the SERVE Team will provide oversight to these efforts. And it will review requests by parishioners to support specific projects and advise the Vestry about responding appropriately … with volunteers, with money, letters of support.  SERVE will manage the church’s Outreach Budget ($14,000 for the current year) . 

For more information about Outreach click here.